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There’s no magic in what I’m about to share.


I’m Gordon Burgett. I wrote Niche Publishing. I’m the guy that professionals go to for guidance about the topic. (Take a look at this short bio later.)


Most folks have no idea that there are several paths to profitable publishing.

The path I describe in this book is by far the fastest, most profitable, least risky, and quickest paying.


The best known path involves publishers, query letters, contracts, bookstores, libraries, royalties, distributors, Oprah, and remainders. Good luck getting your book accepted there! Better luck ever earning more than $1 an hour per book.


Why is the niche publishing process by far the best?


Not only do you earn a lot more money much faster, you create a base to earn even more for the rest of your life!


Here’s what it requires:


* Focus on solving problems or frustrations for specific niche markets.

* Test your title and topic before you write a word or invest a dime.

* When you know that those in your market are eager to buy your words, research and write.

* Self-publish your book. (Profit? At least 50%, probably 65% or more.)

* Start banking those profits immediately.

* Continue selling your book in up-dated, revised editions, while you also sell your unique knowledge by other means.

* Write book #2 about a related need for the same happy buyers.

* Up-date #2 (or #3 or #4), sell that knowledge by other means, and so on…

* Become the expert that your niche market seeks out for more solutions, a column in * the newsletter, workshops at the convention, keynote speeches…

* Get rich quick, and richer longer.

* “Create Lifelong Wealth by Being Indispensable,” which is, not by chance, the title of my free monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to at the bottom of this page. 


Make BIG MONEY EVERY TIME by niche publishing!


Stop! What about the best known kind of publishing? Isn’t that what everybody else is doing?


Yes, if they are churning out novels and books for kids. They have no other choice.



¿ “I've been reading and profiting from your stuff for decades. Your cover article in the April PMA Independent (about niche publishing) is yet another example of your unmatched ability to present useful, practical ideas in a concise and entertaining fashion.”


Bob Bly, author of The Copyrighter’s Handbook


Why would you use a big-name New York publisher that takes a year to accept your book, 18 months more to put it in print, changes your book’s title, markets it poorly, then pays you royalties of 10% (or less) every six months for those few books it does sell? Bad news: other publishers won’t buy your book anyway. They don’t want niche publishing!


Anyway, with them you deal with distributors or middlemen (“middlepeople”?), bookstores, digital sellers, and libraries, all of whom will gladly keep 20-65% of your money.


But as a niche publisher you directly sell about 90% of your books, most at full value! It’s all yours, right now, no endless accounts receivable, discounts, and returns. The buyers ask you to buy your books, and they pay the shipping and tax!


The big houses and other publishers are simply the wrong business model. In niche publishing, you are your own publisher and your own distributor. Niche buyers don’t buy niche books at bookstores or find them in most libraries.


You have to prepare, produce, and promote your own book? Yes, but don’t panic. You have to prepare it anyway. There are several first-rate books (I’ll suggest them) that will walk you through the production. And by the time your book is in print, your promotional plan is already in full motion, with your niche buyers already eagerly buying what you’ve printed.


How can you promote 500% better than any other publisher? Because your book is tested before you design and print it. You know precisely where your market resides, how to reach it, the title it responds to, what your market wants to read, how much it will pay, and what percent of it will buy your book at the price you want. You know what must go on its pages before you write!


 You need this book to get started today:




¿ ”People buy nonfiction books to learn something or to solve a problem. In Niche Publishing, you will discover how to help more readers and sell more books by focusing your message.”


Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual


I wrote that book because I’ve published a score of niche books and I know exactly what you must do to get a six-figure return on every book you write—with a lot of that money in your hands in 30 days.


My most successful niche publishing books were for dentists and doctors, where we earned almost $2 million. Our newest field is for K-12 superintendents and principals, where the same success continues. I did (and do) exactly what I share in Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time!


Again, you don’t want you to write a word or spend a dime on your book unless you know that you can get back many times what you spend, a lot of it in the first weeks that your book is out for sale.


Nor do I want you to fumble around for years trying to penetrate or decipher the wrong model before you discover the inside secret that all established, profitable publishers already know, that the only sure-fire successes are self-published books for niche markets…and they almost never see the insides of bookstores or libraries.


The secret again: niche publishers do it themselves. They invest a few hundred dollars and test their market first (it takes a couple of weeks). Only then, if an acceptable percentage of their niche market will pay a fair price to buy the book they propose, do they get to work putting the parts together and go to print!


The biggest surprise? There’s no magic to it. It’s a 1-2-3-4 process that anybody can follow. Even the pesky production is easily doable.


A bigger surprise? Nobody in the publishing world spilled the beans on the niche book procedure until I wrote Publishing to Niche Markets in 1995. I kept reprinting it, until I rewrote the entire book, bringing it into the digital age. Now it’s yours as Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time!


I’m told all the time that for what you get from Niche Publishing I should charge hundreds of dollars. But I want it to be bought by everybody, not a few, because there are thousands of niches out there begging to be helped, and millions of nichefolk who need your bright ideas and processes and improvements. So forget the hundreds—it’s yours in bound book form for $15—or in digital download format that can be in your hands in five minutes for $10! With an absolute 60-day risk-free guarantee.


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The beauty of niche books is that you know in advance who can’t wait to buy and read your pages.


My company first published What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know a couple of years back. Guess who was eager to devour its pages? Yep, the school world: supers, administrators, principals, and thousands of in-training wannabes!


They’ll never see that book in a bookstore. A few might see it in the ed section of a college library. We don’t care. We know that their associations will buy the book in volume to make it available at conventions, conferences, and training sessions—and we’d much rather sell it by the case or the hundreds than one book at a time. The same with The Perfect School and Teachers Change Lives 24/7. (But we will sell them individually if they respond to our fliers or order form, mostly because we know they will tell their associations…) Get the idea?


¿ “Read Niche Publishing if you want to fill a niche with a best selling book.”


John Kremer, author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books


Those secret steps one last time? Find a problem or frustration that a defined group of people all share, see if they have a mailing list (opt-in e-list or snail mail), and test a small pinch of that larger buying universe (Niche Publishing explains every step of the test, with an example). If enough folks in your niche market are eager to see (and buy) your words, then you write the book and sell it specifically to those who most want it. The best way to earn huge is to target small! (Not every superintendent everywhere; K-12 school superintendents.)


See how different this is from what most new publishers think?


We’ve just scratched the surface. My book now tells you what all of us in Niche Publishing had to discover ourselves. Lucky you. I’m a process person who couldn’t understand why nobody had shared the process with the public before. So now I have, twice!


If you earn $100,000 from your book (an honorable goal that is reachable), then my book will cost you less than two-hundredths of 1% of your potential income—if you buy it. My sister’s comment? “Duh.”



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Still not convinced?


You get a 90-day risk-free guarantee. The same guarantee we’ve offered to probably a million people since I started publishing in 1982. (A person or two a year wanted their money back.)


But rather than me continuing to try to convince you to buy what you absolutely need, let me just send you to some sections of Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time. After that, read what some of the best practitioners in the publishing field say about its contents.


Then I’ll close with one last chance to buy the book, so you can really make a killing like other professionals do—quickly, repeatedly, and risk free.


But beware, once you’ve tasted the fruits of niche publishing, you’ll never leave the orchard! (Let the others bang their heads with the big houses, the bookstores, and the libraries.) Our niche orchard is huge and its trees really do grow money!


Here’s my book’s TABLE OF CONTENTS.


And a FLYER we send to acquisition librarians.





Here’s what others say…



¿ “If you’re planning to publish, STOP what you are doing now—read this book first!’


Reece Franklin, author of Consultant’s Guide to Publicity


¿ “This book sets the table for those who want to feast on the lucrative niche publishing market.”


Kent Sturgis, president (2004-6) of the Independent Book Publisher’s Association


¿ “Savvy advice on a smart way to publish.”


Judith Appelbaum, author of How to Get Happily Published



¿ Wonderful framework for thinking about how and what to publish. I am an editor who works in professional publishing. Much of the advice Gordon Burgett gives in Niche Publishing mirrors the strategies of professional publishers--selecting highly targeted titles, aggressively identifying small and unserved niche markets, and setting pricing commensurate with the uniqueness of the title--and these strategies are sure-fire ways to ensure profitable publishing with nearly every title. Whether you are just starting out and are interested in self-publishing your first book, or have a small independent publishing company and want to learn how to be more successful, Niche Publishing will show you, step by step, how to brainstorm, evaluate, create and execute more successful single titles, series, and lists. This is a terrific and useful book.


Tim Bigby


¿ Well done! As a publishing professional involved in publishing Jewish books, I was searching for a book that spoke to my concerns. Luckily, I came across Gordon Burgett's Niche Publishing book.

    There is a virtual tome of useful information here. It is hard to believe this is a work of just under 200 pages! I especially appreciated the charts that helped me hone in on some specific ways to rethink my approach. Everything is well explained. He helps you understand what to look for in your market. Analyze who they are. And ultimately, see how to created and market products geared specifically for them.

    Whether an author, marketer, or niche publisher, if your looking to understand reach your target market, you'd do well to pick up a copy.

Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, Jewish World Publishing


¿ Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time! What a title! How can the author make such a claim? Gordon Burgett can, because he's made himself an expert at it. He's published 36 books and over 1700 articles, has spoken before 2000+ groups, and has made himself available as a consultant to others trying for the same. (I think he's got the background to do the job! And he does it so well!)

     This is the latest of his books. In it he makes the distinction between two types of publishing. Standard publishing is where you write the book and try to get someone else to publish it ("Oh, please, please look at it!") Niche publishing is different. A niche is a small but specific, well-defined segment of the population. A niche publisher identifies book needs for that group which are not really being met by others. He researches, tests, writes and promotes information specifically geared to them.

     With standard publishing, the author is the proverbial small fish in a big pond (liable to be ignored by the buyers, and eaten up by the competition--if he gets published at all). With niche publishing, the author is the big fish in a small pond (very likely to be noticed, and well-placed to be bought by those needing what he's got).

     Here's the book that shows you how to focus and concentrate all your efforts on that small pond: how to determine the needs, produce the goods and sell the product (at a profit).

     Burgett clearly shows how to target that specific market, how to measure its response to your proposed work, and how to promote and sell to it. He has chapters on putting together and writing the book, and extensive coverage on the actual conversion of your information into the final, printed product.

     What I personally enjoyed the most was the thorough case study at the end (it's over 40 pages long)--of the whole process done on one of the books he worked on.

     Packed with practical information, here's a book for that would-be author who's almost lost hope for his "baby" to ever come to birth. The "labor" is hard, but the result is well worth it. If you're in that niche that needs a book like this, get it. It's packed with what you need to know.


Rod Harrington


¿ In Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time!  Gordon Burgett presents straight talk to writers about how to target a specialty market for your book and how to sell to that market. His purpose is to demonstrate that it is more lucrative to reach niches than to use the shot-gun approach to reach everybody. Burgett does this well. He walks the reader through the traditional publishing process to show how cumbersome that is. He describes how to conduct research to target a market, to find who book-buyers are, what they need, and how to fill that need. He shows how to draw up and analyze financials. The merits of small presses, self-publishing, and print-on-demand are discussed. Niche Publishing has valuable chapters on how to customize and expand on your work and knowledge through other forms of publishing and other means of information-dissemination. This book is valuable for saving promotional money and time. Gordon Burgett also compares and contrasts the information in his book to that of other best-sellers and he gives references for further research. He is an authority on writing and publishing, having written 35 published books. He owns two niche publishing companies. 


Kathy Noltze, author of Flanders: Bits of Belgium


¿ We now live in the age of desk top publishing and Print-on-Demand presses where anyone with a manuscript and some cash can get published. But getting published profitably is quite another matter. That takes planning, preparation, and perseverance. It also takes a 'how to' manual like successful author-turned-publisher Gordon Burgett's Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time. Drawing upon his own years of experience and hard-won expertise, Burgett shares his practical advice and cogent experience to show aspiring author/publishers how they can reduce and contain the financial risks of publishing, test the marketplace for their particular title, successfully compete for the attention (and dollars) of their targeted readership, and parlay their book into secondary and additionally profitable revenue generation. Of special note is the inclusion of an illustrative 'Case Study', the lists of resources and guides for aspiring publishers, and the listings of Burgett's companion resources such as his audio CD series on setting up and marketing a seminar, as well as his Writing Reports and Niche Publishing Reports. Practical, realistic, informed and informative, Niche Publishing should be considered essential reading and a core addition to the Writing/Publishing reference shelf of any author or novice publisher aspiring to be published profitably and with a minimum of risk.


James A. Cox, Library Bookwatch




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Gordon Burgett


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