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Who thinks of whopping profits from books for dentists, skiers, Cubs fans, or bank tellers? In fact, that’s Gordon Burgett’s premise in Niche Publishing: Think small and earn big! Even better, if done right, niche publishing is almost immune to failure, unsold books, recalcitrant wholesalers, and unusable returns.


“Forget bookstores, splashy promos, Oprah, and top seller lists,” says Burgett. “Just find a demand, test it, then create the supply.” This 208-page how-to book explains how the key word is expertise, and that by meeting the need for it and providing on-going assistance, your book can quietly gain you a healthy return, even a seven-figure income, as he did by publishing a key book about standard operating procedures for dentists.


“The how-to is straightforward stuff in reach of anybody with a computer, modem, phone, good eyesight, tenacity, patience, solid writing skills or a better editor, and courage.” Gordon shows how niche publishers implement the process, step-by-step, from the starting line to the victory tape—plus, how they can build a lifetime empire from that success.


“Thousands of books go unwritten and probably millions of people in need of valuable but specific information go unserved because the would-be author/publisher simply doesn’t know how to test their idea, create the material, and get it in the needy buyers’ hands,” Gordon says. “And if they do it in a systematized way, they run almost no risk, need little starting capital, and are in control of the book’s destiny at every step. That’s why the seminars I give on this topic fill the rooms: it’s desperately needed information. And why this book is a valuable addition to every library and publishing curriculum.”


Gordon Burgett isn’t a publishing novice, having had three of his earlier books chosen as Writer’s Digest Book Club top choices. Author of 1,700+ freelance articles and 35 published books, including Writer’s Digest Books’ Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles, plus Empire Building by Writing and Speaking, Niche Marketing, The Travel Writer’s Guide, and How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing. He has also given 2000+ paid spoken presentations, and is currently the owner and director (since 1982) of two niche publishing firms. 


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 you start writing your book’s pages?


Because 75% or more of the niche publishing process occurs before the actual book is written! You find a need for a market you know, or you find a market for a need you know, and you test the potential buyers to see if they will pay what you want to have their needs met by you. That costs several hundred dollars (add $17.95 for Niche Publishing!) rather than putting together a book for several thousand and then trying to see if it, like a girdle, fits. It’s a bit upside down from the process used for general books, published by you or the big houses. That’s why, when you do publish, your profits are all but guaranteed, you should have no unsold books, and the risk is negligible.


Paper trade, $17.95 

Digital, $15.95

January, 2008 / NOW AVAILABLE!

6” x 9” / 208 pages 

ISBN 0-9780979629525 (paper)

ISBN 0-978097629532 (digital)


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